If Acid Attack survivor, Monica Singh, can endure, you can, too

Monica Singh Before Attack
(Monica Singh Facebook, 2017)

Monica Singh was a beautiful 19-year-old women growing up in India when a horrific event occurred.  Unbeknown to her, acid would be thrown on her face by an obsessed suitor because she would not marry him. Her perpetrators, though, did not know the strength Singh was made of.  Since, what they did to her actually made her even more beautiful and determined than she ever was prior to the attack.

MS 5
(Singh Personal Photo)

I first communicated with Singh after reading about her story on Facebook Link  There she describes herself as a, “Motivational Personality, Speaker, Humanitarian, Acid Attack Survivor, Speaker at UN, Global Youth Champion of UN Women.”  So, I reached out to her through LinkedIn Link and she graciously let me interview her.

Singh shared that it was her family, and in particular her father, Mahendra Singh,  who helped her heal and endure through 46 surgeries, not to leave out her own “will to live.”  In her father’s honor, Singh founded the Mahendra Singh Foundation  Its purpose?  To “help victims of physical and sexual abuse, acid attacks, rape and domestic violence in rebuilding their confidence and strength on their journey to becoming survivors.”

Today, says Singh, “I am currently dedicated to running my foundation.  Through [it] I strive to provide counseling, skills, guidance, and treatments to survivors of gender-based violence.”

“I am also work[ing] as a designer and creative expert for [a] fashion company in midtown Manhattan.”  This after reaching a pinnacle dream come true graduating from the School of Fashion at Parson’s in New York last year Link

(Karerat, 2015)

Additionally, Singh has been been “appointed as Global Youth Champion by UN Women and is also a Spokesperson at United Nations representing Face of Resilience from India – United States of America” United Nations

(Monica Singh, 2017)

In this role Singh, “spread[s] awareness about violence against women and gender-based violence issue[s].”

She has also been created into a comic book superhero.  According to her Facebook page, Singh says, “Here is the #first #sneak peak of my #charactersketch for #priyashakti #comicbooks for #violenceagainstwomen issue. #book your copy. Write us #info@mahendrasinghfoundation.org “

(Monica Singh Facebook, 2017)

“Artist and illustrator, Dan Goldman, sketched my character.  He consulted [with] me for the look and feel of [my] character.”  To find out more about this work, which will help other acid attack survivors, visit  Priyas mirror a comic book that depicts acid attack survivors as superheroes

MS 3
(Singh personal photo)

If all this weren’t enough, Monica positively impacts where ever she goes.  “When young girls see/listen to my story, they get inspired,” she says.  “It gives them motivation to stand [up] for themselves.”

“I have been inspired by different people and different qualities at different points in my life.  My heroes have been my father, my family, the people who do good deeds in their daily lives, fashionistas, people who make a difference, people who are happy with their lives, and also people who strive for bigger things.  There is no dearth of inspiration in this world.”

Singh considers herself a hope-based person.  “I believe … how you perceive, you conceive.  There is nothing in the universe which [isn’t] attract[ed] [to] you.  So, why not attract only good and positive things in life[?]  I start my day with a daily mission; [a] smile on my face and [also] sleep with [a] smile to dream good.”

Some of Singh’s favorite things to do include, “seeing places, meeting new people, experiencing new things.  Pretty much all the things that this world has to offer.”

When asked if she feels beautiful, she positively exclaims, “Absolutely!  And why not?”

In five or ten years, Singh says she hopes to be “living every moment and walking on my path.”

Her favorite quote?  To “leave the world [in] a better place than you found it.”

For anyone experiencing any kind of adversity, Singh suggests, “Education and self-inner power” are ways to endure.   Adding, “Nothing will stop you ever.”

“I survived something gruesome.  I believe that my life has a purpose now.”

“People see there is hope [in my story]!  If I can do it, anyone can.”


If you would like Monica Singh to speak at your university, school, business, etc., click Book Monica


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