Be a hope-based leader, not a fear-based one

(Kimball, 2011)



“Be a hope-based leader, not a fear-based one” is a blog post from an article I wrote for which was published on July 29, 2011 (please click on the above link to read the post.  Note, the photo was chosen by KSL editors).  This piece was written when I was completing my doctorate at UNLV.

Essentially this piece is about how to be a hope-based leader opposed to a fear-based one.

Hope-based leaders exist in workplaces.

So, too, do fear-based ones’

And in homes.


They serve on committees.

Are present in marriages, etc.

This piece explains how one can become a hope-based leader particularly if they are a fear-based one.

I also share my own personal experience with a fear-based leader and how it fueled me to want to be even more hope-based.

Please take a moment to read my blog post on

I hope it inspires you to always want to be hope-based no matter what type of fear-based leader you encounter.  That is what I did.  And that is what I strive to do.

My advice to you, no matter what, be hope-based!  😉


Kimball, C. (2011, July 29).  Be a hope-based leader, not a fear-based one.  Retrieved from




(Family Photo)

It’s said a lot. You know, you get introduced to someone and the other someone introducing you says, “Yeah, but, let me tell you that she was once into …” Or, “Did you know, he was once a …”

Out comes the dirt.

The negativity.

The crap.

All fear-based stuff.

Instead of one’s virtues.

Their good stuff.

All that’s positive about them.

Anything and everything hope-based.

My name’s Cynthia Kimball Davis and I’m a hope-based guru. “What’s hope-based?” you may ask. Thoughts, words, actions, and motives that are positive and hopeful. My doctoral dissertation, “Heart-based Hope: A matter of life or death,” coalesces my life experiences as educator, businesswoman and medical patient. I used the tenets of hope theory and servant leadership theory, through an autoethnograhpic methodology, to analyze what hope-based actions are, how they impacted my personal life, and how others perceived their own notions of hope-based actions. From my findings, I created a Heart-based Hope Model of Leadership (H2L) to guide leaders to create a heart-centered culture through hope-based action.

But this blog is so much more.

You’ll learn how to become a hope-based communicator.

And how to create a hope-based culture.

And even how to become a hope-based leader.

You ready?

On your mark.

Get set.


To all things hope-based, that’s.