Are you a Cruella de Ville or a Cinderella?

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(Gallagher, n.d.)

Do you want someone else to fail?

Try to sabotage their success, goals, reputation, and or ambitions?

Can’t stand them getting the limelight?

Feel threatened by it?

Do you smile in their face, but secretly wish they’d bomb?

Do you have to have the last word?

With motives that are impure, along with thoughts, words, and actions?

Do you find yourself finding everything wrong with a person?

If so, sounds like you could be a Cruella de Ville.

You know, the mean and cruel villain in 101 Dalmatians.

Cruella de Ville’s are everywhere.

Full of pride.

All about me.

Taking all the credit.

Point blank, selfish.

Who believe evil is good.

And enjoy cutting others down.

They tend to be loud and animated.

In need of validation.

And a lot of it.

Due to lack of self-esteem.

So, they throw others under the bus.

To make themselves look better.

Oh yeah, they feel entitled, too.

Or are  you a Cinderella?

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(Cinderella never gave up, n.d.)

Like the kind, humble, and considerate main character in the book and movie bearing the same name.

Who has faith and hope.

Wants others to succeed (even if it means over herself).

Points out what others are doing right.

Who wants them to shine.

And compliments.

Gives credit to others before herself.

Is determined.


Has grit.

Blends in.

Is selfless.

And pure motives.

In fact, so too, are the words, thoughts, and actions chosen.

So, which one are you?

A Cruella de Ville or a Cinderella?

Since you cannot be both (serve two masters that is).

Guess that depends on what you want your legacy to be.

And how you want to feel on a daily basis.

Darkness or light.

Bearing falsehoods or truth.

God knows.

Actually, deep down, you do, too.




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Gallagher, B. (n.d.). Disney moves forward with live-action Cruella de Ville movie.  Retrieved from

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